For some time now we have been hearing about Korean Skincare, but what is it? Why is it different from the others? What are its characteristics? Is it really effective?

Let's try to see clearly ....

In South Korea, attention to the face and its care has a millenary tradition, the roots even sink in religious and social contexts and this helps us to understand both the importance it holds and also the fact that it is an equally felt need. by men and women.

In recent years these practices have crossed the borders of Korea and have spread all over the world: in Southeast Asia, in the Middle East, but also in the United States where the phenomenon has exploded in all its magnitude, Europe he is still a bit clueless but can recover;)

What are the strengths of Korean Skincare?

First of all, the quality of the products . We have identified the Korean market as very attentive and receptive to these products, the companies in the sector are therefore well aware of the need to keep the level of what they market high, the competition is great, it is fierce and it is qualified. Most cosmetic companies are born from joint ventures with Hospitals, Research Centers, Clinics and Universities, the products are therefore the result of the highest skills and of the highest quality.

The second strong point is undoubtedly the cost of the products . In the face of a very high quality, it is possible to create excellent skincare at a very low cost. Wanting to compare European or American counterparts, for the same quality we would have to spend 2 or 3 times the price .... or even more!

We can also find in Korean cosmetics a great innovation from all points of view. Innovative active ingredients , some traditionally used in Hanbang (Korean Traditional Medicine) are new only to us because they have been used for centuries, such as ginkgo, centella asiatica (here generally used in anti-cellulite products) fermented extracts and ginseng.

Others, on the other hand, are completely new, object of study and continuous experimentation even in Korea today as bee venom, swallow's nests, eggs and snail slime.

Then there are innovative products , which in the radar of our skincare just did not exist (just remember that the famous BB Cream invented them in Korea) such as Essence (to be linked), or Exfoliating Pads, Patch for the eyes, the Mist.

And then again innovative formulations, innovative uses, innovative rituals ..... How not to feel like trying all these new things?!?

The final strength is mature and understandable marketing . Unlike European and American cosmetics that have poetic and romantic names that little enlighten us about the active ingredients contained and the formulations, Korean products instead are characterized by clear names that immediately make everything understandable to us: contents, formulations and imperfections for which they are been devised. It is true that they are aimed at a more educated market but in this site it will be possible to find all-round explanations, to try to become skincare experts too, juggling active ingredients, textures and uses. Let's not be fooled by expensive creams called "bellisssimasempre" "maiunarugamancosicchè", let's learn to turn the jar, read what it contains and judge for ourselves if we will treat our skin at best.