The Korean Corner is not a simple cosmetics site where you can buy something, but a community that embraces a sort of philosophy of the skin that aims to pamper it and make it beautiful through a ritual of care and constant attention which is a way to love each other more.

This passion was not born as an entrepreneurial project but from the "obsession" for cosmetics. Over the years I have bought "flop" products many times, making the wrong investments, and over time I have begun to get closer to Made in Korea products.

I started shopping for myself, friends and family and everyone told me they were amazing products. Browsing the web I realized that many people celebrated this type of cosmetics until they became a global phenomenon.

Just type Korean Skincare to read thousands of reviews and content on blogs that praised the quality of these products and this famous ritual. So for fun I started importing Made in Korea cosmetics from niche ones to big brands and the success was overwhelming.

All this, however, could not stop at the sale of products alone, I wanted to offer a service to customers, I had the need to make known all the know-how acquired in recent years, to offer advice that a I often missed it to prevent others like me from making expensive and useless purchases, and that's why my corner was born.

On you will find tips to compose your routine just a click away. In the products section you will find all the best that Korean cosmetics can offer and many new products are always on the way! E-mail, Whatsapp, Phone, Facebook and Instagram, get in touch with The Korean Corner and meet your most beautiful skin.

The Korean Corner wants to have your trust. Start pampering your skin through your new shopping experience on this site in a safe, simple and fast way.