Sensitive Skin Routine

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Skin sensitivity is a very frequent imperfection that can have countless causes, some people naturally have sensitive skin, others if they find as a consequence of problems such as rosacea, rosacea, allergies, medical treatment, dehydration. This imperfection can then manifest itself in the most disparate ways and levels: redness, burning sensation, dermatitis, in short, no sensitive skin is like another and if we also put the influence of the environmental and climatic factor we will not come out of it anymore. It is imperative to use delicate products without alcohol, dyes or fragrances, avoid very alkaline products or aggressive exfoliants.

The most suitable active ingredients to relieve hypersensitivity are: fermented yeasts / saccharomycetes, lactobacilli, aloe, betaine, ceramide, chamomile, derived oils from plants, cucumber, cocoa and shea butter, squalane, propolis, green tea, honey.


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