Centellian24, its name derives from "gotu kola", a perennial herbaceous plant particularly popular throughout Asia for its many properties that help to soothe and keep the skin hydrated for 24 hours. Also called tiger grass, it is a plant that only lives in clean areas and has more than 13,900 dissertations and related patents. Centellian24 is a highly functional cosmetic company founded by Dongkuk Pharmaceuticals, a leader - with almost 30 years of experience - in the research and development of botanical raw materials. From toners and tissue masks to serums and creams, the products are of the highest standard, all made with natural ingredients. The flagship line of the Madeca brand is obviously formulated with TECA (Titrated Centella Asiatica Extract) to soothe, strengthen, nourish and brighten the skin, and Centella is found in all lines anyway.

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