Dehydrated skin is skin in which the balance of its hydrolipidic barrier is compromised. This must be imagined as a protection, the outermost layer of the epidermis in which water and oil coexist, unbalancing the proportion by depriving the skin of all its natural oils leads to breakages, just like in a defensive masonry, which make the skin more delicate and subject to oxidative stress, with the most diverse results such as irritated and red skin, wrinkles, even acne! There are many causes that can cause it: excessive exfoliation, too aggressive cleaning, sunburn or frost. In any case, dehydration is a temporary phenomenon, it does not mean having dry skin. Even oily skin that has overdone harsh products can suffer from dehydration. To restore the integrity of the hydrolipidic barrier it is essential to keep the skin well hydrated with many humectant active ingredients sealed in the skin thanks to emollient and occlusive products. The Korean philosophy of layering is ideal in this case. It is also important to choose delicate cleaning products with low pH precisely because the hydrolipidic barrier generally has an acid PH between 4.7 and 5.5. Once the problem of dehydration has been solved, it is not uncommon to notice that other imperfections that you thought you were suffering from, such as acne or hypersensitivity, disappear.

The preferred ingredients to treat dryness and dehydration are ceramides, cocoa butter, oils derived from animals (such as beeswax or milks) or those derived from plants, honey, lactobacilli and squalane .

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