Spots and dull skin

This type of imperfection is easily identifiable, the skin lacks brightness and vitality is often marked by spots and also characterized by an irregular grain that together make it look dull and even more agé. Asphyxiated skin is skin that does not breathe generally due to an accumulation of dead cells on its surface and in general the active ingredients that act by improving the condition of asphyxiated skin are also effective on spots and hyperpigmentation. The most immediate and most effective solution is undoubtedly exfoliation, followed by adequate sun protection and the choice of illuminating active ingredients but, before investing in an entire routine focused on products formulated to illuminate the dull complexion and perfect the irregular tone, you can try to insert a single serum or essence aimed at this imperfection, leaving space in the rest of the routine for other problems we want to take care of. We may find that a single product is more than enough and will surely contain one of these active ingredients: niacinamide, snail slime, retinoids (even natural ones such as bakuchiol mushroom), centella asiatica, astragalus root, lotus flower ( nelumbo nucifera), mulberry (morus alba), arbutin, licorice root, and azelaic, ascorbic (vit C), lactic, glycolic and malic acids which with their exfoliating properties stimulate the formation of new skin.

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