Acne is one of the most frequent blemishes and the fact that there are many forms of acne only complicates the situation. The first thing to do is definitely to be examined by a dermatologist to understand what type of acne it is and therefore to establish if only with cosmetics we can obtain satisfactory results or if it is necessary to undergo medical treatment. There are many factors that cause this imperfection: hormones, drug therapies, climate and even damage to the hydrolipidic barrier. Understanding which category you fall into is essential to plan a routine, especially as regards the more specific and targeted products, to understand if we need to include them at a particular time of the month, or in a specific season or following treatments or procedures.

And it is also important to understand what goal you have in order to choose the most suitable active ingredient for each step, remembering that the basic elements of our routine such as cleansers, tonics, essence and moisturizers are calibrated on the type of skin and its needs, with serums instead we can act in a targeted way on an aestheticism or a problem. The Korean philosophy towards acne has always been oriented towards gentle and moisturizing treatments, unlike the common Western mindset of literally drying or burning it. Even using an entire line of anti-acne products is therefore considered too aggressive. A single digression regarding fungal acne, those who suffer from it must absolutely avoid products that contain yeasts and fermented active ingredients, since it is an acne caused by a fungus, feeding it with other fungi is not exactly the most enlightening choice and can easily lead to a worsening, once again the medical opinion is always the first right move to do.

Tea tree oil, bee venom, coal, niacinamide, retinoids (also natural ones such as bakuchiol mushroom) and some acids such as azelaic, ascorbic (vit C), lactic, malic, glycolic and obviously salicylic even in its more delicate formulation of betaine salicylate.

To soothe redness and inflammation caused by eruptions, aloe, willow bark, adenosine, honey, snail slime, propolis, yogurt and l zinc oxide.

To treat and prevent new spots and scars, focus first on gotu kola and niacinamide then on astragalus root, lotus flower (nelumbo nucifera), mulberry (morus alba), arbutin, licorice root, snail slime and of course the acids with their exfoliating properties that stimulate the formation of new skin.

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