Mixed skin

If your skin is combination I don't know how to cheer you up! Let's face it, it's a big bore to keep dry areas hydrated without greasing those that are already oily, it's like having all the disadvantages of dry and oily skin without having the advantages. The search for the right cosmetic is also complex. In the case of more extreme skins, you may even need to add an extra layering at the end of the routine to add a more occlusive layer, but only on the driest areas.

Choose refreshing and moisturizing tonics, antioxidant and / or slightly antibacterial serums, and light emulsions rich in humectants Avoid products that are too occlusive but also those that are not sufficiently moisturizing and if you overdo it then fix it. For example: if you prefer to nourish more in the evening, because maybe your skin is also mature, and in the morning your face is very greasy, then wash it with a more "degreasing" cleanser. If you think the clay mask has dried out already arid areas too much, apply a richer product immediately afterwards.

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