Oily skin

If your skin is oily, take heart: wrinkles will come to visit you very late! In the meantime, however, it will be necessary to take care of it with a lot, a lot of patience. Like with a capricious child whom we love but who makes us despair.

Let's clear up the biggest misunderstanding right away: oily skin must be hydrated with products suitable for formulation and texture. Without being aggressive, however, because continually drying the epidermis will only worsen the situation, the skin defends itself and to restore the hydrolipidic barrier it responds with an overproduction of sebum, the well-known "rebound effect". Choose mildly exfoliating cleansers such as those with salicylic acid, refreshing tonics, specific serums for pores such as astringent, antibacterial or anti-inflammatory ones and for essential hydration, oriented on humectants in light emulsions or gels. Clay and charcoal masks must never be missing, but not too often, better alternate them with fabric masks based on ad hoc active ingredients. It is forbidden to forget sunscreen because rashes are like open wounds and exposing them to the sun can make them darken permanently, with the result of having to look after acne and blemishes.

Avoid face oils (not cleansing ones!), creams that are too rich or occlusive and aggressive exfoliants such as scrubs when there are rashes.

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