Dry skin

If your skin is dry do not despair, there are many positive sides: it does not tend to shine during the day, your appearance is always flawless, you have no pimples and above all you can indulge yourself all the product layers you want! Dry skin simply does not produce all the sebum it would need by appearing rough to the touch, dull and marked. However, we must not confuse a dry skin with a dehydrated skin, the latter in fact is a blemish that all skin types can experience and resolve. For an ad hoc ritual for perpetually and not temporarily dry skin, start with humectant products such as moisturizing tonics, essence and nourishing serums, and then seal with a veil of occlusive hydration with oils and creams rich in emollients to protect your natural hydrolipidic barrier. Avoid alkaline detergents, with a high pH and in general all products formulated for oily skin.

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